Breast Cancer Awareness Month with Aly Rae!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This month, we're honored to welcome Aly Rae as our Sen Sisterhood Ambassador who has a personal connection to breast cancer. She's a vibrant, passionate model and breast cancer awareness activist who's written a book about her experience and speaks openly about being a breast cancer previvor.

Aly got a breast cancer screening due to her family history of having breast cancer in 2015 -- and was found to have the genetic mutation that causes breast cancer. She was instructed to have a double mastectomy, so she had both breasts removed immediately. During this first surgery, the surgeons put in expanders to hold the pocket in the tissue in preparation for implants.

Surgery complications created a dire predicament; Aly immediately experienced sepsis after her first surgery and almost died. She had to have 3 surgeries in three consecutive days, and when she woke up from the last one, she was in a new reality. The expander that was removed left her with only one breast for a year and a half -- until they needed to change the expander on the right.

This new reality wasn't just confined to the operating table. Soon afterward, Aly's model agency ended their contract with her because she was, in their words, "not sexy anymore" with only one breast.

At this crossroads, Aly had two choices: drown in despair or rise above her circumstances. Aly chose to love her new self despite the drastic changes to her body -- and when she began posting online about her experience, she discovered an incredibly supportive community that shared her experience. By opening up, she realized that she was not alone.

A year after her surgery, Aly went to a plastic surgeon recommended by her doctor. The surgery was meant to change only the expander in her right breast; Aly was adamant that they only change the right side and leave the left as it was. However, her plastic surgeon completely disregarded this choice. She woke up with large breast implants that she did not ask for.

Post-surgery, Aly suffered another infection and had to have the implants -- which she never asked for -- removed. This would damage what remained of her breast tissue.

Like a lotus growing through mud, Aly's difficult circumstances only spurred her to blossom further. Since then, Aly has been using her social platform to educate others about breast cancer awareness, how to protect and defend their bodies against possible medical malpractice, and how to love yourself unconditionally -- in all your states of being.

Aly continues to model and share her story to her communities - both online and in the form of her book, jewelry line, and Art Cosmetics.

You can check out her website here:


Together we've created Aly's October bundle. 40% of proceeds from this bundle will be donated to City of Hope Cancer Center. Read more about City of Hope here.

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